Foster Innovation to Drive Digital Transformation

If you’re ready to transform your business to compete in today’s digital economy, SDS aims to deliver solutions.

Professional IT Services &

Technology Consulting

In the 4.0 generation of industrial era, almost all companies are competing to do Digital Transformation whether they are ready or not.

They consider to do Digital Transformation since the competition is getting tougher and the threat of disruption is getting more real.

We are, PT. SDS is ready to assist you in your transformation through our services and solutions.

We Create Fully Connected Systems

So You Can Focus On Your Business

All matters of design, development to system deployment

and system maintenance leave it to us, you just have to take care of how

your company develops without messing around with automation and digitization matters.


Instrumentation/ Robotics

We provide automation of production machines from planning to manufacturing digital instrumentation systems based on the suitable logic flow.

Software Solutions

We plan and build a digital information system according to the specific problems faced that you face.

Data Recovery and Backup Plan

We provide data rescue services both due to physical and logical factors, as well as designing backup systems appropriately and efficiently.

Network Design

We can assist you in designing and structuring your cloud and local network infrastructure precisely and efficiently.

Cloud Services

We provide hosting services, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service to build up your business

Cyber Security

We can help you to design a data security system starting from encoding, encrypting, transmitting, decrypting, and decoding effectively and efficiently.


Keep Growing

Take initiative and ownership in every opportunity are part of our rules to keep growing.

Team Work

Exchange ideas and knowledge between the team to make up thing till gains maximum function are the best collaboration from us to support our goal of realizing transformation.

Customer Obsession

Customer and employee are best friends, gaining mutual trust by respecting and listening to clients needs is the thing we strive.


We gain energy between our people in the way we seen, heard, and valued something. We derive sustenance and strength from our connection and use this potential feeling of being understood and united as a company to create the most innovative product.


We always build innovation by thinking about how things could have happened in other ways. We leave the traditional practice and try many ways to win the market.

Defy The Limit

We encourage creative thinking by defying our limits; asking tons of questions and thinking about possibilities in every way. Because we know, most innovation comes from challenging our existing conditions.